Small updates

Hi, haven’t updated this blog in a while… As COVID continues my excuses to procrastinate (“no time”, “too busy”, etc) have mostly become invalid, so I have done some tweaking here and there.

  • Added Google Analytics to this site
    • Super easy to do in hugo - just add your tracking ID in your config file
  • Added domain to Google Search Console
    • Tried to do this before but got stuck at some point. The new “Domain” verification method is a blessing
  • Ascertained running costs of maintaining this site
    • Works out to be domain renewal fees (~$30 per year) and DNS fees ($0.50 per month, using Amazon Route 53), so about $40 per year
    • Looked at transferring domain to AWS as well, but .tech domains aren’t supported yet
    • Sidenote: .tech domain renewal fees are actually pretty high too. I may want to move to something else. Got it because I thought it’s cool.

Stuff that I might want to work on:

  • Figure out how to make images load faster
    • Netlify seems slow. May wanna use CDN?
    • Image resizing
  • AdSense
    • $$$$$$

And wow… 3.5 years since I first started this!



Good at daydreaming and procrastinating.