Site renewal!

After procrastinating for over three months, the renewed version built on Hugo is finally live. Hooray!

This time last year I migrated the site from some dirt-cheap hosting service to AWS, learning hands-on how to use services like S3, EC2, SNS and Route 53. And as my free-tier nears expiration, I have decided to abandon clunky Wordpress for a static site generator. After comparing Jekyll, Gatsby, Ghost, etc…, I picked Hugo due to its ease of migration from WordPress. (Even though I did have to spend some time to fix links and layouts in the end…)

It was an excellent opportunity to learn new technologies (Hugo and Netlify) and customise my website, all without having to learn PHP. I love functionalities like shortcodes and the ability to write in Markdown. 😍

I still remember how I bought the domain & set up this website 2.5 years ago, as a birthday present to myself. My passion for writing is still alive and I hope to update more regularly this year.



Good at daydreaming and procrastinating.