Jammu: useless but adorable mascots on the Tokyo Metro

With the heatwave declared a natural disaster and taking many lives in Japan, life goes on, and it is only human to seek respite. Respite, it turns out, comes in all shapes and colours.

While this article from CityLab, titled “The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations”, has detailed many aspects of the 30-million-strong metropolitan region’s transport system designed to tap into the commuter’s psyche, I’d like to add one thing: the presence of these utterly useless characters called “Jammu”.

They have made their debut in February 2018 and can be spotted on trains operated by the Tokyo Metro, one of the dozens of train operators in the capital.

No, they are not really advertisements (not even for jam, though the vivid colours may have led one to believe otherwise). According to this article, **the sole purpose of Jammu’s existence is to “bring a smile to customers packed on commuter trains”.  **Jammu “loves everyone and is loved by everyone”, the spokesperson from Tokyo Metro’s ad agency added.

Next time you ride the metro in Tokyo, feel the love.



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