A new beginning.

I kind of started this site on an impulse, but this is not entirely true.

I’ve always liked to write, always liked creating output. I’ve done web design on a part-time basis, where I get to think of pretty interfaces for corporate clients. I’ve also built a website from scratch using WordPress (though this site has not been published due to priorities that my client has).

But hey, finally, this is something for myself.

Truth is, I am not a top-notch designer; no, I can’t draw for nuts. I am not even a professional programmer, even if I like to flirt with Java, R and Python. No. I am always just a bit of something.

So, to me, this is an experimental project. Where I get to play with the latest cool javascript effects, pen my thoughts on the future of mobility and see how everything goes. I am usually a procrastinator, but I promise myself I will try this for one year.




Good at daydreaming and procrastinating.